Weight Loss mp3

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Suggestions are for:
– Relaxation of mind and body
– Developing a healthy relationship with the body and important body signals
– Choosing foods that provide needed nutrients: lean protein, vitamins, minerals
– Proper hydration of the body (drinking water)
– Proper sleep to energize the body
– Needed emotional support via healthy alternative means
– Increased physical movement throughout the day
– Slow eating to savor food flavors
– Enjoying a healthier lifestyle, setting an example for others

This file is specifically intended for use prior to your night’s sleep. It is most effective when used on a regular basis (nightly) for 2 weeks. You may wish to set a reminder on your smart phone, if this will help you remember to add it to your nightly routine.

You may decide to discontinue use of the audio track sooner if you are already seeing consistent results in your behavior and in your gradual weight reduction. You can always return to the recording at any time you need a refresher to remain on track.

This file is not yet available on Amazon, but when it is available, I will send you an email requesting an honest review. If you are a regular Amazon shopper, you are already aware of the importance of detailed reviews for someone evaluating the value of a purchase.  Thanks, in advance, for helping me to expand my services to a larger market.


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