The Method

SYLCAPÉ (pronounced sil-ka-pei)

SYLCAPÉ Method is a unique approach to consciously Scripting Your Life Character, Archetypes, Plot and Ensemble. The process involves addressing the subconscious identity of the individual (Character), addressing the subconscious identity within one’s culture and environment (Archetypes), learning and adopting efficient strategies that lead to useful, outcome-based actions (Plot), and cultivating good relationships (Ensemble). Modalities include and/or have been inspired by: contemporary hypnosis techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Method Acting, improvisation, Mind-Body Code, mindfulness, Archetype Wisdom™ work and use of creative story narrative within Law of Attraction fundamentals.

A Note From Jen About SYLCAPÉ Method…

My approach to hypnosis work involves guiding and coaching clients in processes to enhance the quality of their lives by providing a new conscious awareness of the workings of the subconscious mind and how we can easily change our subconscious scripts to influence desired results. Just as an actor considers choices in constructing a character or a writer considers choices of constructing a story, I guide my clients to experience a new sense of creative freedom to apply to their life experience.

I first came to connect transformational work to Method Acting techniques as part of my college education. My exposure to this training and simultaneous pursuit of personal development that was experiential in nature led me to pursue the creation of my own change-work method to connect the elements that I’ve identified as crucial to lasting, meaningful change. Unlike other hypnosis professionals who offer a minimal number of sessions to resolve a single issue, I’m interested in helping clients to develop an ongoing understanding of this work as part of a powerful lifestyle that incorporates play, cultivating a good relationship with the subconscious mind, and consistently challenging yourself and up-leveling the quality your life overall. This is why I also incorporate coaching into my sessions.

Although I love working with and often attract creative types, you don’t have to consider yourself one of them to benefit from work that includes hypnosis techniques.  And, although I love talking with people who already understand and believe in the power of the mind and merits of hypnosis and related modalities, I equally enjoy talking to and working with skeptics. It’s healthy, after all, to approach new ideas and information with a certain degree of skepticism.

I call my approach to hypnosis work  SYLCAPÉ Method. SYLCAPE being an acronym for Scripting Your Life (in the areas of) Character, Archetypes, Plot and Ensemble.

Character: The self you identify with consciously and subconsciously, self-worth/worthiness of success and happiness, and what beliefs (created by co-authors and culture) influence your identity.

Archetypes: (a subset of Character) – your team (or Archetribe) of subconscious legacy programs, related to core identity fragments, associated with specific contexts. These play a large role in inner conflicts and the resolution of inner conflicts.

Plot: The linear narrative you have created for your life that includes what’s happening now, where you have been, and where you are going and the qualities of that narrative: optimistic, pessimistic, career, love, health- what resources are available to you to achieve your goals and the “what will happen if I ____” beliefs that shape your story and thus, your life experience. This is the framework which all other life events are compared in order to assign value to experience.

Ensemble: Relationships with people who influence and co-author your character and story and the quality of those relationships and the roles and archetypes that are played in these. Ensemble also includes boundaries you set with people in your life that are part of expressing yourself to others and responding to others expressions of themselves to you. Transformation of your character and story will also transform your relationships (even when it’s only you who is doing the change-work). Ensemble work also encompasses your relationship with an to other people near and far in a social context.

I teach techniques that are useful for a lifetime, if you do, in fact, choose to use them.  In this way, the work we do will have value far beyond our time together, in order to bring you a sense of true self  empowerment.

SYLCAPÉ Method Certification Program

The certification program for other practitioners is in development and will be released in segments tools. The first certification course in development is Archetype Wisdom™ . In time, there will be a single certification program to encompass many of the primary tools for the Method. Those who begin with AW Certification will be have the option to continue with the remainder of The Method for a complete SYLCAPE Method certification as it become available.

Please visit the CONTACT FORM and let us know if you are a hypnosis professional or personal development coach interested in becoming an Archetype Wisdom™ practitioner.

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