Can’t say enough wonderful things about Jen! She’s reflective, intelligent, compassionate, empathic and really “gets you”! She is extremely wise and intelligent in her guidance as well and never oversteps or imposes her values or options into her clients but helps them find strength in their voice.   – A.S.


Jen is amazing. I’ve seen about 4 different therapist and have never been satisfied as I have been since I met Jen. We have had sessions at a few different locations and all of which she makes comfortable.  – J.F.


Jen, I just wanted to thank you because I had a great flight there and back and I wanted to let you know what happened. On the first flight, I was walking through LAX to the terminal with my wife and, as I was walking, I was seeing all these signs that I had been seeing in my mind during and after the visit to your office – signs I had even told my wife about after my session with you – images that I had associated with feeling calm. And as we were approaching the terminal I was seeing these very images around me at the airport and  they were confirming to me that I didn’t need to panic at all, that I could just go with the flow.  The experience actually gave me goose bumps and even had my wife tripping out because these signs I had been telling her about so far in advance, she was also seeing. I was so much more calm before and during the flights and my wife could definitely tell the difference compared to times we’ve flown together before. During the flights, at times there was some turbulence and I got a little nervous, but it was nowhere near the magnitude of what I felt before.

You know, I’m one of those skeptics and was a skeptic about this to begin with, but once I experienced it for myself it caused me to think differently and this was actually one of the coolest experiences. So, I just wanted to let you know and say thanks.

– Ernie C


I tried a session with Jen purely out of curiosity.  I wasn’t sure what to expect- maybe a bolt of lightening from the heavens or some pleasant visioning that would eventually drift away without any lasting effect.  Instead, in the days that followed, I felt a very clear internal shift.  My session focused on the high level of audition anxiety I experienced as an actor; anxiety so troubling that I was unable to control my shaking body or viciously critical thoughts.  At the same time, I wanted to be auditioning more and booking jobs.  I almost never booked from auditions; all of my acting gigs came from people who knew my work or from producing projects myself.  

When the shift occurred, it was as if my brain had a very strong idea of how to proceed and the confidence to act on that knowledge without doubt or fear.  Without exaggeration, my auditions increased from one or two per month to an average of four per week.  Even better, I no longer suffered out-of-control anxiety before those auditions.  I simply knew that I was capable of delivering; I did my job in the room and then I left those auditions behind without criticizing my performance.  The cherry on top was that I started booking, including my first paid television gig.  I was even offered a job without an audition which also had never happened before.  In addition, I’ve felt the confidence to produce a comedy web series without concern over how it will be received and to pursue a writing project that has been on my mind for years.  

After my session I couldn’t wait to try it again because I could see the night and day difference it had made my life as an actor.  Jen is an amazing practitioner and artist herself who is able to understand and validate the artist’s journey while inspiring us to transform into the highest and best versions of ourselves.  I feel joy and gratitude when I leave my work with her and I can’t wait to see where it leads me.

 – Dawn


Jen is pleasant, well balanced and makes you feel so comfortable and at peace. The first time I met her I just knew she was a trust worthy person and she has been a person of her word. While hypnotized, I felt comforted, peaceful and open for transformation! She provided the right listening and space that I needed in order to express my deepest issues and I knew they would be addressed during my session in the most powerful way possible. After the session I felt filled with positivity, love and light! In the weeks following the session things [career goals] started flowing rapidly.

– Zandra


Jen put me instantly at ease with her soothing voice and comforting manner. Having had other experiences with different types of therapy, I know how nervous you can feel entering a first session, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I found my tension easing. Although some of the issues we were addressing held some painful emotional memories for me, there was an enveloping sense of safety in revisiting these moments as Jen guided me through the session. She drew on my own language and imagery to help me take control of old issues that have been plaguing me and helped me control the stress issues that were causing me breathing difficulty and scalp picking. It may sound silly, but Jen has a voice for hypnosis! Not only does her voice instantly soothe and calm, but you can hear how much she cares–I felt her compassion coming through as she spoke to me, and also her desire to help me achieve my goals.

 After each session I felt both physically and mentally relaxed. It was almost as if I’d had a massage session, rather than hypnosis, but with the added benefit of feeling I had the strength and skills to conquer my stress issues. My scalp picking has been an issue for nearly five years. In our few few sessions, I was able to stop myself and dramatically reduced the amount of damage I was doing. The stress I was experiencing that was creating asthma issues disappeared after one session, thanks to a particularly helpful image Jen gave me. The next day when I felt a flare up of tension I instantly went to that image and immediately felt relief–I’ve hardly experienced any stress since, and that was months ago.

– M.B.


Hypnosis is a vessel that has helped me to move forward and release energy that does not serve me.  It has also helped me release my fears in areas of my life that other forms of healing have not. To me hypnosis is a form of healing. I describe hypnosis as a gentle massage to my conscious and sub-conscious mind. Jen has been a part of this healing. Her innate ability to see the overall picture is what makes working with her productive.The best way for me to describe my experience with hypnosis is that I feel light as a feather, I feel sleepy but very much awake, present and aware at the same time. After the session I have usually felt very confident, grounded, aware and eager. Jen asked certain questions to help me articulate what I was feeling as well as make suggestions that were in sync with what I needed to move forward. I feel she has the ability to be in tune with me and the process needed for me to move forward. Working with her was very fluid; it just flowed easily.  Hypnosis gave me more insight on the reasons to move ahead with my passions so much that when I did the visualization homework, I quickly moved forward and took action.

– Leticia


…we met back in January/February and I booked 2 sessions to help conquer my fear/phobia of driving. From those 2 sessions and listening to the .mp3s you sent me, I’m now able to stay calm behind the wheel and I got my license earlier this week! I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thank you, this wouldn’t have been possible without your services.

– Meghan R
(overcame driving phobia after surviving a traumatic car accident as a passenger)


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