T.A.B.I. Mini Groups

Current T.A.B.I. MINI-GROUP out of the TORRANCE OFFICE forming to Support Women Struggling with Alcohol Abuse
an Addiction Recovery Resource Group

Small group events (3-4 people per meeting) to occur on upcoming Sundays around creating positive behavior change with a focus on relieving stress around the strong emotions that drive the behavior of drinking (versus a focus on drinking itself as an issue).


  • FOCUS ON CAUSE: The focus of this group is on what drives the desire to drink. Alcohol consumption is relegated to a mere symptom. Get real with the raw emotions that drive the impulse to medicate by intoxication and learn tools to make self-control easier.
  • POWER: Recognize that you are not helpless or powerless and reconnect with the power to transform your life for the better with specific tools. Explore hypnotic aversion processes to reduce alcohol cravings and create a new sense of control.
  • UNDERSTANDING: Create awareness and self-compassion around ways dysfunctional relationships from your past are impacting your present life fears.
  • PERMISSION TO BE AUTHENTIC: The group holds space for you to be authentically you: speak your mind, voice your fears, recover from mistakes and feel supported. Alleviate stress that has developed around your need to control other relationships in your life to feel good.
  • CONNECTION: Create new healthy relationships in order to experience a sense of safety in relationships to know that this is possible.

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