Scholarship Program

I maintain one slot open at a time to work with a client on scholarship. This means, if approved by me, I will work with the client at a reduced rate of $85 per session and without any prepaid package requirement as long as the following conditions are met:

SC = Scholarship Client

  1. SC must always have one scholarship session scheduled with me within 2 weeks of the previous session in order to keep the scholarship reserved for their sessions. As soon as the SC stops scheduling sessions, their scholarship position becomes open and may be made available to another SC candidate. For this reason, SCs must be committed to continuing regularly scheduled sessions for the duration of the time they wish to work with me at the scholarship rate.
  2. SC must pay for the session prior to the commencement of each session and can pay online (via Paypal invoice) or onsite. Forms of payment accepted: cash, debit/credit card, or Paypal.
  3. SC must be committed to showing up for all scheduled appointments. If SC cancels in advance of the session, but does not cancel and reschedule at least 24 hours prior to the original scheduled session, they risk forfeiting their scholarship slot to another candidate on the scholarship wait list. Also, they will be subject to the same $50 late-cancel fee as non-scholarship clients to be paid before the next session. If SC is a no-show for the scheduled session, with no prior message sent or contact made with me, they will no longer be eligible for participation in the scholarship program (any other sessions are at regular price) and must pay the $50 cancel fee prior to booking any additional sessions at regular price.
  4. Scholarship clients may be asked to ‘pay it forward’ to others by sharing their successes (before and after story details) with our work in the form of written, video, and/or audio testimonials that I have permission to share with other potential clients and/or use in my promotional materials indefinitely. Your name or visual identity can be removed from the testimonial upon request, if that is your preference. If asked to participate in this kind of sharing while a SC, you agree to do so as part of the scholarship exchange. As a result, others may be inspired by your progress and you can help change lives.
  5. The scholarship rate will remain available to the SC up to a maximum of 4 months from the initial SC program session, after which, they may choose to continue sessions at regular rates. This allows other candidates the opportunity to benefit from scholarship sessions. Also, a SC can discontinue sessions at any time with no fees required provided they give more than 24 hours notice prior to any scheduled session. Discontinuing SC session participation means ending the program entirely, with no guarantee to jump back in at a later date.
  6. I can provide superbill detail to a SC upon request to seek reimbursement from their insurance company, however, there is no guarantee that the insurance company will reimburse you for our sessions, as I am not a “medical practitioner” or “medical provider”. Please keep this in mind.
  7. I reserve the right to discontinue the scholarship sessions with a SC at any time if I feel our work is no longer productive or I am no longer available to conduct sessions with you for any reason.
  8. If a scholarship is unavailable, a person may request to be on a wait list for the next open slot. Scholarship Program slots are filled on a first come, first served basis, after granted my approval for SC status.

Scholarship Clients will sign that they agree to the above criteria for program participation as part of their Intro Session Paperwork.


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