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JenHSsmileI am offering a select group of people complimentary access to my new Hypnosis for Healthy Weight Loss with Jen Wilding audio recording via download for a limited time in exchange for an honest review when the track is available for purchase on Amazon. I will follow-up with those of you using the track, via email, to request a review when the track is listed for sale.

The mp3 file is a 40 minute track designed for evening listening, prior to sleep.

Benefits include:
Relaxation of mind and body, developing a healthy relationship with the body and important body signals, choosing foods that provide needed nutrients: lean protein, vitamins, minerals, proper hydration of the body (drinking water), proper sleep to energize the body, needed emotional support via healthy alternative means, increased physical movement throughout the day, slow eating to savor food flavors, enjoying a healthier lifestyle, and setting an inspirational example for others.

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