What types of people do you work with? Do you have any celebrity clients?

While I cannot reveal the identity of my clients (including you, should you become a client), I can tell you that I’ve worked with some very respected and talented individuals, some of which are internationally known in their respective fields, and some of those include award-winning actors and singers, many of which have used hypnosis techniques to secure bookings or improve performances.

I have conducted sessions with professional actors, book authors, professional singers, film and tv producers/directors, painters, screenplay writers, models, comedians, choreographers, educators, massage therapists, nurses, bankers, acupuncturists, attorneys, students, fitness instructors, athletes, entrepreneurs, psychologists, marketing specialists, sales reps, owners of retail businesses, information technology (IT) specialists, other talented hypnotists, and more.

Sessions are customized to your goals, including professional goals, should you be working on that life area.

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