FAQs about Private Sessions

What days and times do you see clients for appointments?

All clients are seen on an appointment basis. In-office private sessions are scheduled only on select days in two office locations: Playa Vi [...]

How can I book a session?

First, review the Session Menu and select the session type you are most interested in. Then call to inquire about scheduling. I’m also [...]

What type of payment is accepted? Do I need to tip?

I accept credit card payments on-site via Square if your credit card has a chip or is contactless. VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Disco [...]

What can I expect during a SYLCAPÉ Method session?

SYLCAPÉ Method Sessions: Your first hour of the 2-Hour Introductory Session begins with an interview, so I can get to know more about you a [...]

What types of people do you work with? Do you have any celebrity clients?

While I cannot reveal the identity of my clients (including you, should you become a client), I can tell you that I’ve worked with som [...]
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